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      1. Where are you from? I’m from America.

      2. Good morning! Good afternoon!

      3. Class, we have a new friend today.

      4. Who’s that woman? She’s my mother。

      5. Who’s that man? He’s my father.

      6. Who’s this boy?My brother.

      7. I have a new kite.Oh, it’s beautiful.

      8. How many kites can you see? I can see 12.

      9. The black one is a bird. Oh, how nice!

      10. How many crayons do you have? I have 16 crayons.

      11. Open it and see. That’s right.

      12. Do you like peaches?Yes, I do. /No, I don’t.

      13. What about pears? Oh, I like them very much.

      14. Let’s have some peaches and pears.

      15. Have some fruits.Thank you, Miss White.

      16. Sorry, I don’t like bananas.

      17. Can I have an apple, please? Certainly.

      18. Have some more? No, thank you.

      19. Where is my car?It’s under the chair.

      20. Excuse me. Can I use your pencil? No problem.

      21. Here you are. Thank you!

      22. Come on, children. Look at the elephant.

      23. Wow! It’s so big!It’s so funny!

      24. It has a long nose and a short tail.

      25. It has small eyes and big ears.

      26. Look at the giraffe.Oh, it’s so tall.

      27. The giraffe is tall. The deer is short.

      28. You’re tall. I’m short.You’re right.

      29. Let’s fly it. OK.

      30. What a big fish!