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        Fred and Jean are brother and sister. They are Americans. They are in the same school. Their school is not far from their home. Fred is in Mr Black's class. He is thirteen. He is one of the best students in his class. Mr Black likes him. He is good at Chinese, but Mr Black is not. Jean is eleven. She is in Mrs Black's class. Mrs Black is an English teacher. Jean is good at English, but she is not good at Chinese.

        ( )1. Are Fred and Jean twins?

        A. Yes, they are.

        B. No, they aren't.

        C. Yes, they are in the same class.

        D. No, they are not American.

        ( )2. How old is Jean? She is_____________.

        A. eleven B. twelve C. thirteen D. ten

        ( )3. Who is good at Chinese?

        A. Mr Black B. Mrs Black C. Jean D. Fren

        ( )4. Where is Fred and Jean's school?

        A. It's in China.

        B. It's behind a hill.

        C. It's near their home.

        D. It's in English.

        ( )5. Which sentence is wrong?

        A. Fren and Jean are in the same family.

        B. Mr Black and Mrs Black are Fred and Jean's father and mother.

        C. Mr Black likes Fred very much.

        D. Mrs Black is Jean's English teacher.


        This is my room. Near the window there is a desk. I often do my homework at it. You can see some books, a ruler, a pen and some flowers in the vase(花瓶). On the wall near the desk there is a picture of a cat. There is a clock on my bed . I can put my football under my bed. There is a chair near the desk . I sit there and I can see the trees and the flowers outside(外面) .

        ( )1. What can you see on my desk?

        A. Some books B. Some flowers. C. A ruler and a pen. D. A, B and C

        ( )2. Where is the picture? It's _________ .

        A. on the desk B. on the wall C. above the end of the bed D. under the bed

        ( )3. What's under the bed?

        A. A ruler. B. A football. C. A cat. D. A clock.

        ( )4. Are there any trees outside(外面)?

        A. Yes , they are. B. Yes, there are. C. No, they aren't. D. No, there aren't.

        ( )5. The clock is ____ the bed .

        A near B. in C. on D. behind


        I have a good friend in my home.It is bird.Its name is Polly. It is yellow and very beautiful.I play with it after school.My classmate Anm and Kate often come to see it.

        Polly sings every day. I teach it to sing the "ABC".Now it can sing the"ABC".I like it very much.

        1.Who is my friend in my home?

        A.Polly. B.Anm. C.Kate. D.Mike.

        2.Is Polly a bird?

        A.No,it is. B.No,it isn't. C.Yes,it is. D.Yes,it is.

        3.How old is polly?

        A.One. B.Two. C.Three. D.Four.

        4.Who teaches Polly to sing"ABC"?

        A.I do. B.You do. C.Kate does. D.Anm dose.

        5.Where's Polly?

        A.It's at school. B.It's in my home. C.It's in the sky. D.It's in a tree.